Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finding Your Skin Undertones

I was in the mirror today and I noticed something different. I noticed w/ the weather here in Texas going from cold, hot and rainy to another other damn weather pattern, my skin color has changed. I noticed that my skin was lookin kinda yellow-y and basically, no way

So I took a ride up to my local MAC and let them know of my issue. My MA suggested we try a NW45 and I'd be damn, it went on and I saw NOTHING! It was sooooo pretty to me! So I came to a conclusion that in the fall/winter months I'll use my NC50 and spring/summer I'll switch back to NW45. In case you're wondering I bought the mineralized satin finish foundation. I chose that one b/c since my skin is oily as hell in the summertime thanks to good figure that the less foundation on me is the better. Besides, there's no point of using a full coverage foundation in Texas in the summertime b/c by 12 noon you swear it all

Want to find out your Undertone? Here's something I found on Marlena's site that can help you out. Lata addicts!

I Got Mine!!!

I'm So Excited!! I can't wait till May 12th!!

Jamacian Inspiration

Hey fellow addicts!! I'm still alive, just gettin my butt handed to me in No worries so far though, I'm riding high w/ a 3.92 GPA! *squeals and giggles*

Today's FOTD comes from these earrings I picked up yesterday. I couldn't pass them up in the store, they were too cute. I love the threaded earrings but I really don't wanna pay over $10 for them. So far, I'm finding the ones I like at pretty decent prices. This particular pair I found at Charlotte Russe. They had 2 for $8 deal so I went ahead and picked those up and some other pairs of theraded earrings.

*all MAC of course unless said otherwise*

  • SF Concealer NC50
  • SFF NC 50
  • MSF natural Dark
  • Select Moisturecover NC45 (for brow definition)
  • Stud Brow Pencil
  • Chrome Yellow/s (inner half of lid)
  • Humid e/s (outer half of lid)
  • Carbon e/s (outer crease)
  • Vanilla e/s (highlight brow)
  • Feline Kohl Power Pencil (LE)
  • Dazzle Black Dazzle Lash Mascara
  • Light Over Dark M/B (LE)
  • Cork l/p
  • High Tea l/s
  • Cultureclash l/g (LE)