Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finding Your Skin Undertones

I was in the mirror today and I noticed something different. I noticed w/ the weather here in Texas going from cold, hot and rainy to another other damn weather pattern, my skin color has changed. I noticed that my skin was lookin kinda yellow-y and basically, no way

So I took a ride up to my local MAC and let them know of my issue. My MA suggested we try a NW45 and I'd be damn, it went on and I saw NOTHING! It was sooooo pretty to me! So I came to a conclusion that in the fall/winter months I'll use my NC50 and spring/summer I'll switch back to NW45. In case you're wondering I bought the mineralized satin finish foundation. I chose that one b/c since my skin is oily as hell in the summertime thanks to good figure that the less foundation on me is the better. Besides, there's no point of using a full coverage foundation in Texas in the summertime b/c by 12 noon you swear it all

Want to find out your Undertone? Here's something I found on Marlena's site that can help you out. Lata addicts!


Anonymous said...

around this time of year my skin is so bronzy come winter...ugh I look all pasty! I'll check that site out ...after business


Anonymous said...

Where you at hun? Long time no write! Er'thing okay?


Anonymous said...

girl you should be ashamed of yourself. You're done' blogging woman? But I need some info! I need a recommendation for a good make up remover cloth form because walking way to the other side of the house to wash my face everynight is NOT gonna happen!