Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been Tagged....AGAIN!

LOL, I was tagged twice on YT (I've aready done 1 of the 2) and now I was tagged again by my girl GB (Hey, I gotta new nickname for Ok here we go......

Let me think of 7 weird things!

Number 1.

My middle fingernail on my right hand grows out funny.......well I think it does

Number 2.

Hmm..... I love Anime Sailor Moon, Devil May Cry....maybe even Dragonball Z, I'll watch it if it has a decent story line.

Number 3.

I think Spongebob Squarepants is the dumbest yet most interesting cartoon that's out right now

Number 4.

I tend to beat myself up over the most LITTLEST things.....

Number 5.

OH, this is a good one........from 6th grade until 11th.....I was not and did think I was the best thing out there ( I have pics to prove it, lol. ). I still think I'm aight on the eyes....I still gotta work on the figure boys gave me all kinds of hips, booty and tummy.

Number 6.

LOL, this might be TMI ( too much info ) but I watch I should say STUDY pornos....lmao! Hey, I have a man to keep satisfied...ya know?

Number 7.

I think that I am the "black sheep" on my dad's side of the family. Don't's a LONG story, lol.

Ok, not it's my turn to tag folks.......let's see. OK, the list is as follows:

Ms. Pink

And anyone else who wants to do this blog.....LOL

1 comment:

A Go Bytch said... did it. *hugs* Is your middle finger crooked or just the nail bec iI promise my is crooked...LOL

How are you the black sheep??? everyone else must not be anywhere close to a diva huh???

Girl that's how you learn what's playboy 590? something like that LOL