Friday, November 7, 2008

Review: M.A.C. Dazzle Lash

I just wanted to share this review on the new....well new to me, I don't know if it's a re-promo or not, mascara M.A.C. just released. It's M.A.C.'s Dazzle Lash and I freakin LOVE this stuff!!! Here's What M.A.C. describes this great product:

Eyes-wide-shut intrigue. Curves go voluptuous as lashes get set to dazzle. Our new lash formula offers extreme density and entrancing new lengths. The extra innovation: a unique innerspring brush that singles out each and every lash like never before.

A mascara that instantly creates a starburst dazzle effect. The trick lies in a new compact-sized, slightly sculpted brush applicator that singles out and pushes lashes to go bigger, bolder, longer, with a plush, glamorous curve. A rich application that delivers what you want: dazzling long lashes.

Ok, lemme break it down to ya. Like I said, I LOVE this stuff. I only used it once so far and I truly love the results I got from it. I have a couple of pics to show you.....

Ok, now these pics were taken after I used the mascara and can you see how EACH lash if defined? My lashes, in MY opinion never looked this full. Sure I have lash blast, colossal lashes, and even the lil trial version of Clinique's mascara and I love all of them. HOWEVER, this lil bottle of mascara have purchased and permanately earned a place in my makeup traincase and in my'm so glad I bought this as a "what the hell? why not" vibe...LMAO!!!

Ok, time for the "offical addict" rating:
5 brushes equaling total fav!!!

Packaging: 4 brushes
Application: 5 brushes
WOW factor: 5 brushes
Wear time: 5 brushes
Overall Satisfaction: 5 brushes.

If anyone is interested this little bottle is priced for $12.50 on or at your local M.A.C. counter or store. It's worth the purchase especially for all you M.A.C. lovers!!


Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

Okay I was checking this out the other night! Thanks for the view and your makeup is pretty

alicia said...

I typically stick with covergirl on the mascara but I may try it. How does it compare to store brands is there a significant difference?

Go B.

A Go Bytch said...

girl I'm sorry I posted a comment from my friends account ...

Go B.

Ms. Vanessa said...

As for a difference, the formulation of it is ok. It's not all clumpy and heavy on the lashes. The applicator is smaller compared to some drug store brands which at first kinda bothered. I say a pretty decent dupe for it would be lash blash if you don't wanna spring out for it. It does what it's supposed to do and it's worth the money.

Seymone said...

I have to go give this a whirl.. Thanks for the review.

jenn said...

I might have to try it out!!

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

great blending...beautiful look!!♥

Sylvie said...

Hi. Have you tried Plushlash before? How does this compare with it?

Ms. Vanessa said...

@ Sylvie

I haven' tried Plush Lash just yet due to the reviews both negative and positive I've read and seen about it. So the Jury is still out on making that decision on picking it up yet. If you check out this vid that I'm posting the link of, it'll have reviews on a bunch of mascaras including plush lash. Hope that helps.