Friday, November 21, 2008

LOTD: Interview Style

So I had an interview with the State agency yesterday, so I pulled out the big guns. Well, not really.....but I went in there with a mentality like I wanted the job, or should I say the job wanted me. I was too cute!!! I even bought a wig ya'll! LOL I was so scared to put it on, but I had my mom with me and she helped pick it out since I was clueless on WHERE to begin. Anyway:

TA-DA!!!! LOL, I'm crazy I *in my best B. Scott voice* Do you like my style??? LOL. I know the smile looks a tad bit forced, but I was was kinda in a rush once these pics were taken. I think I might have started a new addiction ya'll. Anyway, I have a hair appt. today so I'll be taking pictures of that too.

I should have been a freakin model like I started to 6 years ago, lol.

  • Oil control lotion
  • Studio Finish Concealer NC 50
  • SFF in NC50
  • MSF Natural in Dark
  • Gleeful m/b
  • Select Cover Up Concealer NC45
  • Feline Kohl Pencil
  • Carbon e/s
  • Knight Divine e/s
  • Vanilla e/s
  • Stud brow pencil
  • Cork l/p
  • Cultureclass l/g (LE)
  • Sugarrimmed d/g
Ya'll pray for me.......I know I got the job, but every prayer along with mine, my moms and friends COUNTS! Have a good one ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Your skin is flawless damn. Whats the secret! I'm feeling the look work it mama wooo lol!!

StyleVixenMUA said...

Damn girl you look perfect! Love the hair and makeup- your gorgeous.