Friday, November 7, 2008

Offical M.A.C. MA????

Hey everyone!!!! Man, a LOT of things have changed since the last time I We have a NEW freakin president...yeaaaaaaaa! I Baracked the vote and FINALLY my vote meant something! The person I voted for WON!!! Oh that feels so good to know that I can make a difference in this world, ya know? Anyway, I just had to get that off my This entry is basically a blog but stay put b/c I'll have my FOTD at the end as always.

I was on my way to class, but I had to go to my local M.A.C. store to exchange something that I had bought online. I bought the blot powder but they sent me medium instead of dark. Now anyone who isn't familiar with M.A.C. or their products would be like ok......what's the deal? Let me break it down to ya this way. A "medium" tone powder on me would make look like I was hit with a bag of all purpose flour and the tone I needed, dark, would further help me look like the sexy mocha DIVA that I am already, just w/o the shiny ass face effect where I'm walking around all day lookin like a fresh glazed kripsy It's early and I'm hungry ya'll so forgive me for that last comment, lol. Ok, now when I went in the MA got the product I asked for and so on and so forth. He went to ask me the question they ask all their customers "if I shopped here before?". of course I replied "yea, I have, I'm always Whether it's online or here physically, I'm here.". We both shared a small laugh, well he comes out to ask if I do makeup personally and of course I don't so to speak. I've only done 3 other faces before and 2 of those faces I was a nervous wreck doing them. Oh ya'll I was shaky and sweating like I was lying in a federal court ya'll. The faces came out fab but GOD. I was so damn scared, lol. So I said I've done other folks before but I don't do it professionally. Well, I just happened to ask if they were hiring and he just lit up, lol. I mean I am a college student and I have 3 kids at home to take care of. Sure, living of my student loans are great, but I need that lil extra b/c one day I WILL have the pay them suckas off. He gave me an app. and said they were doing interviews all this week and next week so hurry and fill it out and see what happens. After that I said thank you and hit the door and went on my way to class. Well, hit up Taco Bell since I had a taste for it then went to class, lol. I had about 30 minutes to burn and a Diva was

Now Ya'll, I'm not gonna lie. I was like wtf did I just do??? Not saying I was intimidated, but I've seen those MA's before and they are bad ass when it comes to their makeup....even the guys like they one I talked to yesterday. He was so freakin pretty!!! LOL. I guess what I did was just stepped out the box and asked. I mean if he didn't want me there, all he had to say was no we're not hiring, right? Anyway, I need a job and I love that store and besides, since I've been going there I've never seen anyone that looks like me. Ya know? I mean no one of the Brown folks club. I know an MA at the Macy's I go to that was down the street from my old job, but not at the local store.

Anyway, just pray for me ya'll. I need a job b/c besides school, that's the ONLY thing besides my kids I look forward to everyday....and that's like a once a week class, lol. Here's the LOTD:

  • Oil Control Lotion
  • Studio Finish Concealer NC50
  • Studio Tech NC50
  • MSF Natural Dark
  • Clarity e/s
  • Post Haste e/s
  • Knight Divine e/s (in crease)
  • Vanilla e/s (as highlight)
  • Feline Kohl Power e/p
  • Dazzle Lash mascara in Dazzle Black
  • Carmex
  • Whirl l/p
  • Plink! l/s
  • Sugar Trance l/g (LE
Well, pray for me ya'll......the more prayers the hell of a lot better! Have a good day fellow addicts!

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