Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Threading 101

OK, me and Mom got our eyebrows threaded for the 1st time yesterday. We were having a girl's day treating ourselves to pedicures and manicures so our eyebrows HAD to get dealt with. I made a suggestion to try threading b/c I've looked at the process on YT and I really wanted to try it. Here's a pic of my mom before the process began:

So naturally she went Just kidding. I just had her go first so I can see the outcome of her brows then I was gonna go ahead and give it a shot. I recorded the whole ordeal showing how everything looks. I tried to upload it here, but blogger was trippin. Here's the outcome:

Nice huh? Seeing these results I had to go ahead and give it a hot. So I got in the chair and tried to to prepare myself for the inevitable. I was told that it feels like getting them plucked so I was ok about that. MAN, whoever said that BS was smokin! LMAO!! OMG ya'll that shit (you know it was serious if I'm cursin right now, lol) was painful. Every swipe she did, all I could say was Sssshhhh******tttttttt...lmao! Not to mention there were 2 other ladies waiting for their turn and talking to my mom and cracking jokes the whole time and I was trying to hard NOT to laugh, so with me doing that....I had tears rolling down my eyes. One of the ladies was like "Aww, don't cry". The eyebrow lady stopped for a sec and right when she did that I just let the laughter out that I was holding in so bad. I must say, even though this crap hurts, I'm gonna stick with it. The final look I had after wards is just beautiful. And threading last longer than getting your brows waxed or shaped by a razor. Here's my finished brow look:

I didn't take before pics b/c honestly I didn't think about doing an entry on this until after the The threading method is supposed to last about a month or so. Anyway, that's enough for today. BTW, in case you were wondering or haven't figured it out yet.....M.A.C. passed on me. I'm not upset about it though. I get to work on my makeup skills and in about another 6 months or so, I might re apply.


Anonymous said...

- I started off doing the tweezing, then I ended up doing the waxing then I taught myself how to thread my own eyebrows and I find it less painful, waxings faster but I like the outcome and the clean outcome of threading.

I think it might depend on pain toleranece sometimes.

But its cute you and your mom had that day out :]
both your eyebrows look gorge :]

Charmaine said...

Looks great..I will definitely try this vs. razors...

Kimberly Tia said...

i've always wanted to try threading, but im such a scaredy cat....LoL

but how cute for you and your moms to get together and do somethin' like that together.

my mom and i would end up killing each other. LOL

thanks for following my blog, i appreciate the support!!! ^_^

A Go Bytch said...

WOW..I like it. I've only gotten razored once maybe twice.. it looks horrible whe it grows back. Then I was the wax queen (whispers: I actually like how it felt) Then I got to the point I could tweeze them into perfection myself. But I'll try anything once. I'll let you know about my threading experience. Hey...did you get to see that blush show on lifetime yet?

Go b.